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LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) TopLab

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LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) TopLab

Mindful of a growing need for laboratories that wish to expand their business, and focus more on core business, the Megaweb developed TOPLAB: management system for Clinical Laboratories.

The TOPLAB was designed almost a decade ago to work in the cloud, overcoming the challenges of technology when commercially yet nobody knew the Cloud concept, and projected their competitors for MS-DOS systems.
We guarantee a Software for your company of the highest quality and constant improvement.

The cost/benefit of implementation and maintenance of TOPLAB is reduced dramatically, due to system architecture; the data are secure and centered in the cloud and the terminals need only a computer with Internet access and a browser.



• Developed Web interface and Cloud Computing;
• System stands out for its ease of use, and can operate with or without Internet;
• Advanced Safety Control, encryption and daily backup;
• Operation in multi-tasking, Multi-user and Multilingual;
• High compatibility with the major browsers, computers and Mobiles devices;
• Printing system driver, for: matrix printers, thermal, Laser, and PDF;
• Automatic Results via email, with notifications via SMS;
• Portal of online results, automatic and transparent;
• Communication and internal notifications, via private messages (PM), e-mail, and SMS;
• Laboratory automation integrated with all Laboratory equipment, including larger systems, such as: Siemens Centralink Mat;
• Upgrade of computational and storage system without getting offline;
• Service level Tracking for laboratories with SLA contracts;
• Virtual black box, logs and activity log, and the system of automatic processes;
• Built in accordance with the standards for the Internet, with an accelerated learning curve;
• No need of installing TopLab at terminals, as well as in the support units;
• Integrated online Support, support for laboratories and supported;
• Architecture that enables fast and efficient development and maintenance, with tools to use facies.


• Patient-focused System: provides a control panel of actions in one click;
• Dynamic Verification of patient registered earlier;
• With auto fill Search Fields: patient, covenants, cep, doctor, place of collection, delivery, tests, among others;
• Attendance in Wizard mode, (new employees);
• Shows previous requirements of the State of the patient, to collect the specimen.
• Displays information for release of Covenant tab selected, included site and passwords;
• Printing labels with barcode, Protocol and proof of attendance;
• Sample tracking system in real time;
• Internal communication (torpedoes), directly with the technical area;
• Virtual journal template, for verification of samples, by promise;
• Calendar with filters per unit, with report of overdue surveys;
• Report generator from samples and guides sent to logistics (P.A.L.E. Protocol);
• Report generator of agreements that pay at the counter, by unit and General;
• Communication via system with the client, through the Chat (website), SMS, email and Fax.


At the reception, the system checks the required fields for the selected insurance billing, as well as number of digits of card, expiration date, among others.
The TopLab innovated and created the P.A.L. and Control (optional)
Receipt prints the lot of guides for billing, with each tab status: completed, signed, Released, Surrendered and all with signature of the Chief of the reception at the sending and signature of the head of the billing, in receiving. This operation allows the logistic control of tabs.
And yet ...
• Unique Interface for Agile Conference and covenants guides correction;
• Batch Generation of self-adhesive labels, to glue on the tabs;
• Billing file generation TISS (XML);
• Generation of billing files in Excel and TXT;
• Outpatient production file generation (SUS);
• Generation of notifiable tests;
• Batch Change of billing date, to covenants.


• Support for screening: second generation via maps and labels;
• Material rejected markup Option or only for billing;
• Prioritization of maps ' Urgent ' examinations;
• Generation of maps of batch job, by sectors and in different layouts;
• Interfacing of all laboratory automation equipment;
• Verification of previous results, interfacing;
• Integration with supporting laboratories and supported, allowing interfacing via import and export protocols;
• Visual layout Editor of maps, reports and automatic calculus fields;
• Field Configuration and parameterization of reference values, with alerts while typing, for abnormal values;
• Release/signature of sequential and batch results;
• Virtual diary Book reports, release per unit of service;
• Paging: printing multiple results on the same page, with precise calculation of lines;
• Online results Portal, for results.




• Interface for configuration and maintenance of all records of the system/database;
• Maintenance and configuration of covenants, exams, materials, sectors, prices and service units;
• Cloning of tables already exist and batch prices change;
• System Configuration to generate files of TISS;
• Formatting of reports and maps;
• Registration of printers and PCs;
• Maintenance of users, departments and levels of access to the system;
• Maintenance of portal access passwords, to: Doctors, businesses, Clinics, and laboratories Supported;
• Audit of access of users and their actions on the overall system, on a single screen, by date;
• Configuration of emails and automatic sms system (models).


• HR: electronic time clock, with monthly report;
• Financial: accounts payable and receivable with graphic reports;
• Quality: SLA verification system. Analyzes the time used for each laboratory examination, showing managerial indicators;
• Audit: Parses the requests that have been removed or changed by users;
• Production Report, General laboratory and per unit;
• Management reports with different filters, such as: calculating Real entries (R$);
• Daily report from receipts of all units;
• Maintenance and generation of tables of rates for new commercial partners (PDF);
• Communication system via virtual mural and private messages for each user of the system, as well as;
• external mailing system;
• Receiving and sending emails @laboratorio themselves;
• Analysis of the SLA of each Department.


In Cloud:
Installed and configured in the Datacenter Megaweb (cloud).
In box:
Installed and configured within the physical environment (Local).
Initial settings and business rules, Interface, exams, materials, maps, reports, agreements and prices.
Encryption system installation;
Firewall configuration and System Backup.
Partial Migration:
Make importing Doctors and Patients of your current system.
Advanced Migration:
Do the import of Doctors, Patients, Covenants, and price lists.
In Company.
Remote Access.